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Screen shot webcolorpicker, a hex color picker for OS X
Color Cube Mode
WebColorPicker has a quantized version of the "color wheel" that presents a convenient spectrum of colors for single click selection. This screen shot shows the color cube with 7 colors on each of the six sides. The "plus" and "minus" buttons are used to increase and decrease the number of colors per ring, up to a max of 16 on a side.
Code Snippets
In the above example WebColorPicker is being used with XCode to provide Objective C code snippets for direct inclusion in the code source file. Just below the color cube is a text field with the code snippet that is available for copy to the system pasteboard and pasting into the source code. Drag and drop of the code snippet directly from the color cube is an even more convenient method to obtain a full color declaration statement.
Integrate With App UI Design
WebColorPicker will integrate the work flow for user interface design. Colors selected for interface graphics are synchronized with software development and code instantiated colors. Exact matches and instant visualization are possible without compile cycles that break the creative design process.
Objective C, JAVA, C, (or your own language template)
Several code snippet formats are provided, for Objective C, C (as in Carbon), JAVA, Visual Basic. For each language there are a few of the most common instantiation formats. Code Snippet formats are derived from a property list (pList) dictionary that is accessible. Documentation is provided for the user to incorporate additional forms to support other languages or to use different color specification structures.
Alpha Channel Supported
Even though alpha (transparency) is not part of the html hex color code, WebColorPicker provides alpha channel support for code snippets. Hex codes are always the core 3 rgb components, but code snippets may include alpha components. Even the argb JAVA packed integer format is available.
WebColorPicker download is a 1 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, runs on OS X version 10.4 Leopard

The current version of WebColorPicker is 1.2.0 for OS X version 10.5 and newer.

WebColorPicker is a plugin for the Mac OS X color panel. It is an inexpensive shareware product. Purchase a license online.

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