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Screen shot webcolorpicker, a hex color picker for OS X
Web Safe Colors
The Palette mode centers on defined color tables such as the Web Safe Colors. Color tables are managed as standard OS X Color Lists, which are integrated with the OS X system through the Colors folder in the the Library folder hierarchy.
Ships With 3 Color Lists
WebColorPicker comes with 3 standard tables of colors - Web Safe, CSS Keyword (shown here), and SVG Keyword. The lists contain all colors defined in W3C standards, the RGB components match those defined by the standards and each color is named in accordance with the associated standard or common convention. Each list is automatically generated and installed in the correct location on the OS X system.
Name Completion
The CSS RGB decimal field, found just below the main color swatch on the right) accepts color list names. In the screen shot above, the word "navy" was entered in lieu of a hex code. This field has auto-completion against all names of the current color list.
Color Matching
Hex color codes or colors selected by any method are compared against all colors in the palette defined by current color list. Exact matches are indicated and close matches are moved to the top of the colors popup menu for quick access.
WebColorPicker download is a 1 meg universal binary optimized for both the Intel and PowerPC Mac processors, runs on OS X version 10.4 Leopard

The current version of WebColorPicker is 1.2.0 for OS X version 10.5 and newer.

WebColorPicker is a plugin for the Mac OS X color panel. It is an inexpensive shareware product. Purchase a license online.

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